In this guide, we will explain the different types of settings available in the LionWheel system

General Settings

In the General Settings, you can configure your business details and working days, set the default day view for the Deliveries page, and monitor your monthly package usage.

Delivery Settings

Customize the delivery fields for creation and delivery page.


Define default settings for driver routes, including start and end points, start time, and the Service Time. (Note: These details can be manually adjusted for specific routes as needed). You can also view available constraint options and contact support to add new ones.

Printing and Scanning

Configure which fields appear on printed delivery waybill, labels, route work orders, and picking lists (if the picking feature is enabled for your account).

Advanced Settings

Adjust important settings such as:
- Enabling self-pickup option
- Setting mandatory fields for deliveries
- Creating a list of failure reasons for drivers to choose from when marking a delivery as "failed"
- Allow import of tasks with the same order ID: Enables creation of deliveries with existing order IDs in the system
- External barcodes: Allows scanning of external barcodes if they are captured in our system's "Order ID" field
- Signed documents: Allows drivers to mark that the customer signed the original (physical) document
- Pallets returned: Enables pallet return from companies, visible to drivers in the app

Driver App 

Determine whether to require drivers to share their location, mandate proof of delivery (photo or signature) when marking a delivery as "completed", and select which fields to display in the driver app.


Choose which fields to include in the company detailed report.

Customer Settings

Configure settings related to links sent to end customers:
- Tracking page
- Validation page
- Real-time driver tracking page
Decide which fields to display to the customer in the link, whether to allow the customer to reject (validation page), and in which statuses customers can edit their details (validation page).

Companies Settings

Customize settings for your business customers (i.e. companies), including which fields to display, whether they can edit their own profile, and in which statuses they can update the delivery details they've entered.

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