Driver Password Reset

In this guide, we will explain how to reset the password for your drivers

Important Note: The password reset link will be sent via SMS to the driver, so please ensure their phone number is up to date. Additionally, only admin users can perform the password reset action.

Sending a Password Reset SMS to a Driver

1. Log in to the LionWheel system
2. Go to Settings ---> Drivers
3. On the Drivers page, you'll see all your drivers and their usernames for the LionWheel app
4. To reset driver's password, click on "Reset Your Password"
5. An SMS will be sent to the driver with the new password

Please note: After clicking on the driver's password reset, they will be logged out of the application.
Great! The driver has received an SMS with the new password, which is stronger and more secure.

Manual Password Reset for Drivers

To manually reset a password:

1. Go to Settings ---> Drivers
2. Select the driver whose password needs to be changed
3. Under the User Details tab, click on "Change Password"
4. Enter the new password
5. Remember to include a mix of lowercase and uppercase English letters, and numbers

This process allows you to maintain security and provide easy access for your drivers to the LionWheel system.

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