Barcode Scanner

With Lionwheel's barcode scanning feature, your drivers can scan deliveries and update their status.

Type your conteClick on Deliveries ->choose delivery number -> print label


After you printed the labels the driver should sign in to our drivers app and click on the barcode icon in the right corner and select the scanning option.


Select the scanning option and scan the barcode


Track your scans:

Lionwheel tracks every step your deliveries take. In the logs section , you can see who scanned your deliveries when and where and what is their status.

*Click on a specific delivery number and then on Scans log in your right corner.

*If the barcode is damaged, it is not a problem, you can insert the barcode number.


*You can connect your Bluetooth scanner, click on settings and toggle the bluetooth scanner option.

The Lion tip 🦁

Use the barcode feature to simplify delivery operations and prevent mistakes.
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