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🎉 What's new? System Updates

Improved Company Page - all details and settings of each company in one place
Improved SMS Notifications Page - easier to set up the notifications and use of dynamic variables
Improved excel upload - omitting empty rows and squishing white spaces
Keyboard Shortcuts - Add new keyboard shortcuts. Can open a new delivery with CTRL + K
New delivery status - "Final Failed", when you want to mark the delivery as failed but no delivery attempts are required
New dynamic variable for SMS - COD amount (Cash On Delivery)
Routes Page - summary of average and count of stops per route
Added more customization to print of Route Plan Page

Upgraded System infrastructure to improve improve performance and security
Option to calculate route's cost based on driver's hourly rate and route's distance
Improved Navigation in Settings Page
Customer Settings - improved customizations
Allowing to add ETA to tracking page
Allowing to customize tabs in the tracking page
Bug fix in time windows of multi-driver routes suggestions

Setting fixed driver to pickup/delivery of a Company
Deliveries Page
Sorting of columns will stay after refresh
Setting the "Clear" of selected deliveries to be more bold
Allowing to customize the columns of printed version of driver's daily route
Allow to send a daily email digest of number of new deliveries per Company
And a lot more of new small feature and bug fixes!

Updated on: 18/01/2024