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Plan Drivers Routes

This guide will walk you through the process of creating drivers' routes:

Steps to create a delivery route:

Before we start arranging the route, it's important to make sure that all desired deliveries are assigned to drivers and the relevant dates through the delivery screen! To enter the route arrangement, we'll go to Drivers Routes -> select a driver and click on 'optimize route' and then we can choose the desired date.

Time at point - The delay time of a driver at a certain point. You can set a different time for each route arrangement, but if you want to set a general time that will appear automatically for everyone, you should go to settings - stop time at point and enter the desired time. Also, you can determine individually for each delivery the stop time, go into the delivery, edit and under stop time, put the relevant time in minutes.

Be aware that addresses that appear in yellow/red - These are addresses that the system was unable to identify accurately, and most likely contain an error. In such a case - it is recommended to go into the delivery and check the validity of the address, see how it is displayed on the map and understand whether it needs to be corrected. Red addresses - The address is definitely incorrect and must be corrected, otherwise it will not be possible to calculate the route.

The Lion Tip 🦁: 
When we want to give priority to certain deliveries in the route, we can choose the delivery/deliveries we want to prioritize, a window will open for us, we click on 'other' and then 'VIP'.

Updated on: 15/01/2024