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Shopify Settings

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to customize your Shopify settings 

First Click on Settings tab and then Click on Shopify

Click on Shopify settings and you will see four check boxes that you can enable or disable.

Auto Synchronization - When auto sync is enabled, our platform automatically creates deliveries for all Shopify orders. When this function is disabled, you can choose which orders are for deliveries, but it will be done manually rather than automatically, in order to prevent un-needed deliveries.

Update Fulfillment - It'll mark the order as fulfilled on Shopify once the driver marks the order as delivered.

Take Line Items - By enabling this feature, you will be able to see the items that were ordered

Allow to cancel order - By enabling this feature, when you will change order to cancelled on Lionwheel it will automatically marked the order as cancelled on Shopify

Update Shipping Info - Once an order is placed, we send a tracking link to Shopify so you can send to your customer a link to track it. Additionally, the customer can track his order by clicking on the tracking number.
*Be aware that if you enable this setting, the orders will automatically marked as fulfilled and archived on Shopify. 
According to Shopify, an order is fulfilled when it receives a tracking number. (

The Lion Tip 🦁

We assure you that these settings will simplify your delivery management.

Updated on: 15/01/2024