Integration with WooCommerce

WooCommerce Translation Plugin - Weglot


Step 1-Payment for API key - purchase guide you can find here


Step 2- Download and install the plugin:

First download the ZIP folder from here:

Installing the plugin within the site:

Inside your store, in the tab "Plugins" -> "New plugin" and then "Upload plugin". Then click on "Choose File" and select the file of the extension you downloaded. Click "Install" and after the plugin has been installed, click "Activate plugin".


Step 3- API Key Setup:

After the plugin is installed, on the WooCommerce tab, click on "LionWheel Settings". In the "Api Token" line, enter the key you received when you purchased the extension.


Step 4 - How to transfer deliveries to LionWheel?:


transferring and printing a single order:

Enter the order you want to transfer, on the side of the screen you will see a square of "send to LionWheel", inside it, you can define the data for that delivery (pickup date, number of packages, and whether there is a return)

After you define, click on Submit and the order will be transferred to the delivery system!. After the order has been placed, the window will show you the delivery number, and two buttons will open for you through which you can print the delivery sticker or alternatively go to the delivery page in the LionWheel system.


transferring and printing several orders together: 

On the orders screen, you can mark  the orders you want to transfer to the LionWheel, then you can click on LionWheel Bulk. This button will open a page with the settings for those deliveries (pickup date, number of packages, and whether there is a return). After you define, click Submit and these orders will be transferred to LionWheel.

In the same way, you can also mark orders that you have already sent to the LionWheel system and then click on LionWheel Label, this button will open the labels for you to print for all orders that have been marked.